Talking to Our Kids About Freedom

I really wanted to write a thoughtful post about teaching kids about aspects and perceptions of freedom. But Black Moms are already all-too-familiar with “The Talk”. In my experience, it has always been delivered to me from the perspective of what I “couldn’t do” or where I “couldn’t go”. I delivered to my eldest daughter the same way and it has served her well to this point (she will be 20 years old in January). And she gets it. My little one, who will be 8 in September, does not process “can’t” and “don’t” AT ALL. So for the past year or so, have been trying to speak to her in terms of what she can do. I do not know that she has learned all that much, but I certainly have.

She naturally exists in a place in her mind where she can do and experience all things. She does not perceive any limitations that she or, with the help of one of the adults here in the house, cannot overcome. She is freedom personified. As this facet of her perception unfolded, I realized that she intuitively does the right thing. She strives to match the freedom in her mind to her environment. She speaks freely, eats, sleeps, plays freely, and this is just her expectation. We tend to call it naivety or innocence but it is so much more than that. She is aware that others are experiencing the same environment differently. But guess what? She does not understand why and she certainly does not care. She is living her best free life.

I am linking to an article here that I will unpack next week in the Mommy Mondays post. Happy Reading! Let me know what you think or want to talk about!

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Freedom

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